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He could feel Jensen inside his butt, his hot rod pulsating deep inside him. So, yeah, all the other things you say are probably true and they are probably just roommates, but don't use the no money excuse to explain WHY they are roommates.

They don't do the cocktail parties or karaoke nights, maybe once or twice for either one of them, it's completely outside the norm. Young school girls tumblr. The Jensen Loonies were wailing and rending their garments over that one! This story is fictional duh! Now that Jensen has lived in California and Canada for quite a few years, perhaps he is no longer a Republican.

And then we have Sam, who is played by Jared Padalecki. Jensen ackles naked gay. Nick felt his ass changing. Because some people here like to claim every hot male celebrity is gay - even if they don't know them they feel completely confident in asserting things which are pure speculation. McCoy through phone and e-mail, and took down the report. He can't act for shit. The Anna girl had beautiful red hair. Like, cut that shit out, because its starting to cross the line into mean-spirited.

R97, I think R96 is technically a J2 shipper. Sexy aunties naked. I don't believe anything you delusional morons write. I grabbed a beer and brought it to him. Hours sharing movies, shows, red carpet events TVGuide Once Smallville now steaming up airwaves has gathered quite cult following often-shirtless We know him we can never forget modeling career.

I've never heard that before. Jared's attending way too many conventions in March for him to withstand any type of relationship. It is completely untrue. Think of men in battle. Look at his early interviews back when he was on soaps.

He probably has thought about sex with a man and wants it, but his self-loathing prevents him acting on it. Started small with an appearance as Halloween kid 9 th Heaven. His hot breath on my neck as he was kissing me and taking me hard at the same time.

Michael was pissed off they brought in a younger more actiony co-star Jensen as probable love interest for Jessica's character as well as seeing him as competition for his own lead spot because Jensen's character got a "focus" episode sooner than his character did and he was a lead, so he treated Jensen like crap and Jessica pretty much followed his lead. Mature classy nudes. They know exactly what they're saying and what it does to fangurls, and that bugs me after a while. Jared is cool - not interested, but cool - and in the one overt move Jensen made in effect told him that something physical was one thing but a relationship was out of the question, because Jared is straight "Not like a rule but pretty damned straight" is how he put it.

During our dinner he told me stories from the backstage of the show and other stuff. I hope that clarifies my position. Then, in the S3 gag reel, when Bela misses her cue I proudly remained calm and posed for my reward.

Yeah, it worked out kinda nice because I bought a house last year you know, and uhm he was living at a place he was renting with from? I think its far more likely that Ackles is still a card carrying republican.

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I know coz i am gay. Pussy fingering tips. If anyone finds high resolution pics of him from yesterday, please post. So while Jensen and Jared were at the convention, for some reason all three kids went to visit Jensen's parents in Dallas.

They were just out drinking together the other night in Austin, Jared's wife posted a picture. Can any guy, gay or straight, honestly say that, if confronted with another naked man, he wouldn't look at the other guy's cock?

Carolyn, you are right, Jensen and Jared do like to make their fans think they are gay with one another,and that is strange if they are both str8. What he really likes is teaching respect to guys like a Nick. If it was only one-sided, I can't see McCoy deciding to save Jared's ass like she did. Jensen ackles naked gay. Not R, but I know the story. We'll be seeing threads about it 10 years after it's cancelled. Prompt I was wondering if you saw any MinnCon panel.

His haircut looks like his character in "Ten Inch Hero". Kate hudson nude selfie. We hardly ever argue at all. We don't need haters and losers like you posting on this site. So I'm pretty sure they've amped up security in light of that.

Don't know if it's ever been brought up before, but it's so blatantly obvious after the S3 gag reel, I had to point it out and see if any of you had noticed the same thing. His belt clanging with each thrust, bird singing oblivious to what he was doing to me, I moaned and cried out, gasping, he moaned with his husky deep voice. Ryan gasped, each thrust seemed to be harder than the previous one. My own commander was willing to use me as a…slut for some rich boy soldier for money?

The speculation about whether they're fucking comes in because the two knowingly fuel the fantasies with their interviews.

Forgot Username or Password? I think that's a screencap from Phantom Traveler directed by cranky old Robert Singer who I can't see doing a shot just for his pleasure. R, you mean R?

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He was kidding around, of course. Jenn proske naked. If they joke, it's because it's not serious, not an attempt to make fun at others expense. In front of them, a forest expands, not creepy. But, you know, you could be a little bit calmer less rude as well. He broke up with his fiance then immediately asked Jensen to move in with him.

Of the two, I think Jared has the better body did you see those back muscles two weeks ago but Jensen has the superior acting chops. Yet, Dean is the one who comes across like he just enjoys women and is flexible in bed while Sammy is about control. Her face was deformed. Getting caught while walking around naked He has a gay aunt he's supposed to love so much and he's voting Rethug? Deep down, all republicans are evil, especially the ones who claim to be Christian.

Ackles and Padalecki have always had a sense of humor about fanfiction, wincest, the gay speculation and fan wishing re: Start My Free Week No thanks.

The angst storyline about Jensen being closeted and having unrequited feelings for Jared sounds like fiction found in the Padacklesrps community in LJ. Fine Spanish lad on a nude beach. I mean, what kind of bizarre imprimatur on your own sexual orientation would some celebrity's homosexuality bestow? R42 Take a seat.

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They're making the same or more than then did 3 years ago. Nri nude photos. If you pay enough you get to attend breakfasts and cocktail hours where Jensen and Jared mingle with the crowd.

Despite being well-known science fiction writer, you weren't immune impossibly sexy looks one But being friends some cast meant that were forced see him constantly without able do anything it. I said in my first post that at some of the European cons they did it but this JIB Con in Rome is a totally different animal from the US cons, they take part in more events.

Jared must really SUCK. They here doing naughty things partners playing private parts camera! I had never been with a guy before, but now I was ready to give it to Jensen. Sign up for our newsletter. Vera sidika nude photos They're so glued to the hip, I can't tell one from the other now. And I've heard absolutely straight guys hanging out get into a conversation about someone with a huge dick. His haircut looks like his character in "Ten Inch Hero".

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